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Brookie Cookies – A Brownie and a Cookie

A blend of gluten-free whey protein, almond butter, and cocoa powder make this brownie and cookie in one super healthy. Eat as a dessert, with breakfast, or before or after a workout for a boost of energy and to help rebuild muscles.

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Cabbage Soup

This cabbage soup is super affordable, simple to make, and packs a powerful health punch. It is great for leftovers and can be frozen easily. Garlic boosts your immunity, cabbage helps beat inflammation, and the protein stimulates muscle building.

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Raw Pecan Pie Mini Tart

One of Martin Luther King’s favorite foods was pecan pie, celebrate Martin Luther King Day on January 21st with this healthy Raw Pecan Pie Mini Tart! This yummy tart has the sticky-sweetness of pecan pie, without the nasty sugar crash expected to accompany the traditional favorite. With no bake time required, these are a breeze

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Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

This is a very tasty lettuce wrap that will rival any Chinese takeout or elegant Chinese restaurant. It makes a nice presentation for an appetizer, as well.

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